Having an issue viewing the postcards? If you are only seeing the back face of the featured postcard, the front face is not visible and the card cannot be flipped, your browser does not have support for the technology used to flip the postcards as intended. This site uses 3D technology that enables you to flip featured postcards by tapping or clicking. Also, there are issues with older versions of Internet Explorer web browser and even the more recent versions 7 and 9 which do not display the featured postcards correctly. However, for those of you running on Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 supports the flipping ability; else, you can use other web browser alternatives for the PC.

I recommend viewing this site with a modern web browser such as Firefox and Chrome, which are free to download. Also, any Apple product running OSX with Safari 4+, iOS mobile devices such as iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone as well as Android tablets and smartphones with a (webkit) browser version 3+. Chrome and Firefox browsers are also available for Android devices, too.

The postcards aren’t flipping, still? This could be because you have JavaScript disabled. This site needs JavaScript enabled to flip postcards. Also, you will not be able to flip the postcards if your computer is not equipped to render 3D graphics. To find out if your computer has the necessary hardware open the Chrome browser and type chrome://gpu/ into the address bar and it will display your computer’s graphics features. Furthermore, if you are visiting this page with a mobile device using a cellular data connection you’ll experience a longer loading time considering that both the front and back faces of the postcard need to be transferred to your device. I recommended viewing this site with mobile devices connected to the web via WiFi. If you’re still not flipping postcards, try refreshing the page and hopefully that solves it.

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  1. Thank you so much for this trip down memory lane. Our grandma and step grandpa, Harvey and Elna Knadle.

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