Greetings from Hillsboro, Wis.

This postcard appears to be printed as a shell and then later imprinted with the name of a town. I wonder if Hillsboro still has postcards available in its stores. Ed Knadle kept the postage affixed to this postcard. A single cent stamp of Benjamin Franklin, a forefather of early printing in the U.S.

From Cousin Martha


Addresed to:
Edward Knadle
Dilly, Wis.

Production notes:
2-color printing by
The Weixelbaum Bros. Co., Lima, Ohio

2 thoughts on “Greetings from Hillsboro, Wis.

  1. This is interesting but I don’t recall a cousin Martha. I think there was a Martha Bruha but not sure if any relation.

    • Thank you for sharing this information. Perhaps, we’ll see another postcard from her that will tell us who she is. I’m glad the stamp is on this one. You can’t get anything for a penny anymore.

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